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Wireless carplay is worth using, which is also essential for me. It may be that I am more used to the iPhone's operating system.I've upgraded my car, not a cumbersome design, but a technological advancement.
I’ve been using this for a month but it is working great. Set-up was easy. Once paired, it boots carplay automatically each time I start the vehicle. Carplay seems to work just the same as when connected via USB. I don’t notice any lag or glitching. The phone syncs up wirelessly right after the car is started up. Audio quality is great (wireless CarPlay uses WiFi not Bluetooth, so you don't have the music quality issue you have with Bluetooth). Bluetooth sounded good but this is Wi-if and with Apple lossless, I think it’s as good as CD quality. Now I use it when playing music from my phone, listening to podcasts etc.
The device is quite small and smaller than I thought it would be so it’ fits nice in the center console tucked out of the way. I installed it in the center console, so its totally out of view and connects perfectly. If I leave the phone in the car, it stays connected and is instantly on when I start the car. I used both Music and Maps during my driving and both responded as I expected. There was no lag in getting directions. Overall, this adapter is worthy and the performance is still OK. It works well with my car, no issues so far.
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For SYNC 3 owners who want to use wireless CarPlay and AA, I recommend you to use it. The price is reasonable. By the way, I used the discount code "SAVE15" to get 15% off, you can also try it.
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