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Wireless apple carplay works for Ford EcoSport

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I received the Carlinkit USB-C wired-to-wireless Carplay dongle on Tuiesday and I had a couple of chances to test it out over the last couple of days. It works as intended and I haven't encountered any of the problems that may have plagued units running earlier firmware versions.
The package comes with a dongle and a short (1 foot) USB-A to USB-C cable that is detachable from the dongle itself. It also comes with a small installation guide.

Installation was very simple. Plug in the dongle to the USB plug beside the 12V accessory plug in the head unit. The setup screen will appear on the multi info display. Just follow the instructions to pair your iPhone to the dongle via Bluetooth. Once paired, then the next time the car is started, the phone will automatically connect to Carplay and pop up on the headunit screen without any interaction required. The whole connection process is about 30-35 seconds from the moment I start the car (depress brake + press 'START').

I've also updated the firmware on the dongle, which is also an easy process. While the phone is connected to the dongle, go to Safari on the phone and go to On that page, you can check if a newer firmware is available, and if it is, you can update it with one click. The firmware update process takes about 1-2 minutes.

I've also tried making a call using the iPhone while connected to the dongle. It works great and there was no noticeable delay or lag at all. Playing music with Spotify works fine. Skipping songs using the steering wheel button works fine with just a slight delay (less than a second).

Overall, the Carlinkit USB-C dongle meets all of my expectations so far. Granted, my expectations were not that high after reading some of the problems people have had in the past. My only complaint is Two things I noticed so far...and not really big items given the convenience it affords. 1. When hitting next to skip a song, I did like how in the HUD it would quickly show the song it skipped to. Using this wireless dongle it doesn't do that anymore. 2. every once in a while on the main screen 'song 48' pops down and disappears quickly.
Again not big issues at all, and I've already gotten used to the slight lag of hitting the 'next song' button.
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