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Will The Ford EcoSport Get Alexa?

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Ford has been working on Alexa voice commands with Amazon and AT&T and it seems like they'll roll out the first phase of Alexa integration later this month. It'll connect us to our cars from the comforts of our homes Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap. Think it'll make it into the new EcoSport in time for it's debute?

There's a phase two where you can voice command Alexa while driving, but I have no idea when that will be released.
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I doubt we'll be seeing it in the EcoSport. I can see Ford installing it in their higher end models with a larger profit margin, but not in something like the EcoSport.
But they're trying to appeal to the millennials with the new EcoSport, would it not be prudent to stuff it full of tech to draw them in? It is the technology age right now.
It is the technology age but because it's aimed at the millennial group, it needs to be priced accordingly. Adding a bunch of tech also adds a bunch of cost which in turn raises MSRP.
As long as Alexa integration is possible down the road it shouldn't be a problem. And yes this helps in appealing to younger crowds but the difference is already price, features, brand, and overall value checks off a lot of boxes for younger people, enough to leave them content.
That's the thing, it already possesses enough to draw them in and keep them happy. If they can go about it without implementing more, than it works out to their advantage. Save that upgrade for a mid-year or next generation upgrade ?
Well, when it comes to connective technologies like this on a vehicle thats in its first year of production during this era, there's no getting around not offering this stuff. Even on cheaper vehicles this is the case. Every era has its norm and its level of standard features this is just another one of them.
You do make a good point regarding the market standard. Right now it's Android Auto and Apply Play but without voice control. I assume voice control will be the new standard a few years down the road once voice recognition system has been refined. No I said call bob, not ben!
Oh how I hate when that happens ! Sometimes it's completely off like ... Call Bob... Did you mean - call Kenny ?! I don't think I have an accent either...
The systems aren't perfect, but they do improve every year. We probably won't see Alexa in the Ecosport anytime soon, but once it is available would we be able to just update the system to make it compatible?
Of course, these things are worked on and tweaked around the clock, Voice recognition especially is a key thing and it's dealt with accordingly. I'm not too sure if it's just going to be something that you can take to the dealership and get an infotainment system updated and have it all up and running though. I think it'll start coming out with a more "high tech" infotainment system that can be updated over the air.
I was under the impression that it is possible to fine tune a system so long as the car originally came with the voice recognition feature. But it'll probably be added to a new gen vehicle to make people switch over to a new model instead of a free update from the dealership.
Yeaa that's what I was meaning to say. Kinda just came out as a blurb of thought lol!

It works out to their advantage that way anyhow. It'll be a new feature on anupdated eco sport
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