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What size fuel tank is in the 2019 1.0l 125ps model?

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I thought it had a 52 litre tank (assuming this​​​​​​​ Parkers link is correct) but I drove 15 miles after the "0 miles remaining" warning, yet the car would still only let me put 46.3 litres in at the fuel station.

Suggests to me this either means I'm wrong about it having a 52 litre tank or the "0 miles left" warning comes on when you have just over 6 litres (12%) of fuel left!
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low fuel light comes on with 50 miles to empty. I filled it up at this level and it took about 11 gallons, with 2.5 gallons remaining. as I have posted before, modern cars use fuel to cool internal fuel pump in tank, best not to run tank down to empty
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