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What is this chirping noise

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My 2018 Ecosport chirps when starting up, around 10 times. Any ideas? Here is a 10 second sound bite showing the issue. Thanks in advance.

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for some reason the video won't load. it would be best if you upload it to youtube.
It literally played for me up until just before you turned the car on and then threw a decode error lol. Does it only make the noise on a cold startup?
Sounds like an alarm or siren... the dealer can fix it... if'n it'll do it for them when you take it in.
some dealers are nice enough to keep it for a day or two in order to replicate the issue and give you a loaner in the mean time.
i experienced that back in my BMW ownership days but not entirely sure how Ford dealers handle it.
It does sound like something is tripping your factory security system. If its doing it on every start up at least it should be easy enough for your dealer to replicate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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