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Weird noise

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I hope I’m in the right place. My mother has a 2020 eco sport with 25k miles. It’s the titanium AWD with the 2.0. We bought it salvaged it had been hit in the rear end, it ran and drove after it was hit it was minimal damage. However, now that she has been driving it there is a noise coming from the back end. It sounds like a thump, like the tire is flat spotted. I replaced the tire and it’s still making the sound and the vibration. I looked underneath and don’t see anything glaring. Any thoughts?
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That's hard to diagnose. You'll probably have to get it up on a lift.
Update, we had all 4 new tires fitted and a 4 wheel alignment. It's still making the noise. Any thoughts?
Hmm. most thumping sounds come from the tires, apparently that's not your problem.
Does the thumping sound increase in frequency the faster you go, or does it increase and decrease as the car shifts gears? The later might suggest a transmission problem. If it only depends on the speed, it could be a rear differential problem, a wheel bearing problem, or even a U-joint problem.
It goes away with speed or in a straight line if you turn at a low speed it’s very loud and noticeable either way you turn it’s noticeable
I'm guessing it's a U joint, then. The crash may have damaged a CV axle, but the problem wasn't apparent right away.
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