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Two Wheel Options

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From what I can see on Ford's site, the Ecosport will come with two wheel options. Which one will everyone go for, or will you just go straight for aftermarket rims?

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I'll go with the second option, but I will seek an aftermarket set for summer time. As much as the second set looks like it'll be an option that costs a little bit, I would still rather have really nice winter wheels lol.
I'd go with the second set too with the larger design but they'll be sued strictly for warmer weather so they aren't destroyed by the winter salt. The first set looks overdone to me with the two size combination.
It really depends on how much more I have to pay for the second set of wheels. If it's too costly, I may as well go aftermarket for something I like and use the factory set as my winter tires.
Anyone start looking at which aftermarket wheels they're after yet? Used or brand new?
Since i have little to no aspirations to get a higher level time trim since this will be my main commuter the first set will be it. I even plan on using them for winter. Any idea what finish is on that first set?
The Ecosport comes standard with 17-inch machined aluminum wheels and the SES trim comes with the second set which are premium Dark Tarnish-painted aluminum wheels. So they're trim specific and may not be an option you can add to the base model.
I'm sure you could work something out with your dealership if you really wanted them and they could switch em' over and make you pay the difference or something. Just a matter of asking them.
If you really want to, then yes, it's just a matter of paying a bit more. But at that point you may as well go aftermarket depending on how much more you're adding on.
Unless you can get it thrown into your finance deal or whatever so that you don't have to really pay for it all upfront and one time?
Ford dealers have a lot of leverage with a product like this so when you try to negotiate it will be that much harder, unless its a low volume dealer, then maybe. But during early launch times on a product like this, there's little hope for things to work in your favor.
I don't know, I think they'll be flexible with this. It isn't something special or something that has a high anticipation and what not.
It's going to be dependent on the dealership and how accommodating they feel. They can't simply take a set of wheels off a higher trim EcoSport and put it on your car, they'll need to order a new set for you.
Yeah of course, but ordering a set of wheels is not difficult at all and they're often very willing to play ball on things like that.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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