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trailer wiring instructions

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Last week I installed a tow hitch and I ordered a trailer wiring harness from Ford, received it today. No instructions included and have been searching the web, and no prevail. Any information would be deeply appreciated
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You might have some luck in emailing the sales person you dealt with. Information like this are at their finger tips.
I suggest visiting the parts dept and see if the guy behind the counter will look up the schematic and let you take a peak. That might help. Or buy the Helm's manual.
@Tall Timbers great suggestion as I was going to mention the same thing. Those guys have access to everything the tech's do and sometimes more.
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having mine installed at the dealer. trailer prep wiring has a plug under the drivers side rear seat under a perforated section of carpeting the other end needs a pig tail to connect to the trailer its on the right side rear tucked into the bumper area , according to the dealer the computer requires a reflash after installation
well the dealer used this ford part FT1Z 15A416 A to hook up my trailer lights it works except for hyper flashing on the dash turn signal indicators . the factory part 19E809 the ecosport controller that plugs into the existing harness won't work on north american eco sports because ford docent have the coding for the controller and won't be getting it.
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