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Trailer Tow Module UK

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Here are some photos of the EcoSport trailer tow module that uses the "trailer tow prep" wiring that our cars come with from the factory in India. This module is sold in the UK and other countries. It is plug and play. When installed, it activates the trailer connector under the left rear bumper area for the trailer lights.

Personally, I think Ford should offer this module for sale in the USA instead of the Trailer Hitch Wiring Harness - 4 Pin Part No: FT1Z-15A416-A. There are some of the Ford and Lincoln vehicles that come from the factory with the Class II towing package that uses a similar module except for the mounting bracket. Wish there was a class action suit to force Ford to give us owners the module or at least sell it in the USA.

The MKC with the Class II tow package comes with this module part number EJ7Z-19H332-C or EJ7Z-19H332-D (current revision). The Ford parts are sketchy on this module when trying to find it in the catalog. It is listed as a trailer brake module. Ford uses similar modules in appearance as the one one the photo in the F-150, SuperDuty/Navigator, but depending on the year of the truck, they might have a different pin out for the trailer lights and they also use the brake function of the module. The difference on some of the 19H332 modules appears to be the mounting bracket.

In the near future, I am planning on acquiring one the MKC/MKX modules and trying it. I may have to make a mounting bracket or use double sided tape to mount the module under the left rear passenger seat. Under that left rear passenger seat is the location of the 3 plugs that are part of the trailer tow prep.


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