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Timer belt with Pully & Clutch Plate

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Dear Team,

I purchased Eco Sport during Nov 2013 and now it crossed 120000 KM. During the recent service with authorised dealership they are suggesting to change Timer belt with pully as it is recommended by ford.

Also they are suggesting to change the clutch plate as well.

Is it the recommendation from Ford after 120000 KM????
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I see you're from India, a market that has been getting the EcoSport for many year already before this more North American based forum.
Service intervals will vary from market to market so i suggest you check the service guide in your owners manual or call around to some Ford dealers close to you.
You are approaching the mileage where more involved servicing begins to take place. If you haven't been noticing any shuddering of any kind then I'm sure your clutch is fine. Not sure what the intervals are for India.
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