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When I bought my Ecosport last year, I was not thrilled with having to rely on an inflator and a can of goop to fix a flat on the road. I wanted to have tools to take care of a road emergency quickly since the provided goop is unreliable and can damage the tire.

I did some research and a spare donut tire from a 2011 Ford Fiesta has the same hole size, bolt pattern and well depth to fit the 2018 Ecosport. I got the spare and scissor Jack and wrench for $50 at Pick a Part auto salvage. When back another time and got a Jack from a 2015 Ford Escape for $10 because wheel options for Ecosport are 16 and 17 inch diameter. Wanted to make sure Jack could lift car enough. I feel better about fixing a road flat. Hope this information helps other Ecosport owners.
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