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Sorry Ford, You Suck

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I get it, the 2017 EcoSport has a demographic of consisting of millennials and Ford wants to go where they're at for direct marketing. But the way they went about bringing DJ Khaled into this was corny along with majority of the concert. Some people might eat this stuff up, every last second of it, but to me Ford is trying way too hard.

"When I say Eco you say Sport" ... :rolleyes:

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DJ Khaled is a joke. This video had way too many different things going on. How about we try "Another one"
I didn't even know who DJ Khaled is... Obviously, I'm not part of the targeted millennials. Only part I liked was the small petting zoo and that's because you can't go wrong with small animals.
Lol one of the best keys to advertising.... pull at their heart strings
Call me old school, but I'd rather see a commercial where the Ecosport is being used for daily errands instead of that monstrosity.
Either that or being used for things millennials are doing. Camping, packing up to go to the club, stocking up some college moving things to live on the dorm, etc.
Companies need to stop trying so hard to connect with the millennials... Could risk alienating those who actually has the funds to buy a car.
I mean.. you can.. but the older people that have the readily available funds don't rely on what commercials portray solely to make their decision. They're more capable of looking at a commercial, for the vehicle itself to analyze it's space and features, and make their decision off of that. Walk in, test drive, check it out, done deal.
They could have gotten Khaled and whoever they wanted involved, it just comes down to how they execute. Here it was forced, they were trying to shove it down your throat.

Keeping it natural is the way to go. Even if it was a comedy skit with the EcoSport all while keeping the EcoSport plugs natural, that would be better, sort of like this although it had nothing to do with a vehicle promo:

I was reading an older press release of the Ecosport from Ford and the commercial is based off of a EcoSport consumer experience in Hollywood.

During the two day event, Ford had five consumer experiences including:
Small stage, big entertainment
Small bites, big flavor
Small footprint, big life
Small animals, big joy
Small beach, big oasis

They were definitely trying hard with their go small and live big theme.
I wonder how effective that is. Was there a hashtag for that or was I just imagining it ?
I'm sure there's a hashtag for it somewhere out there if you look hard enough, or they combined the event with the normal #ecosport tag.
I typically use the #ecosport tag when searching for news and information so I can try and stay one step ahead of the game ;)

But I'll search around and see what I can find... it should be on DJ Khaled's page if he posted it lmao
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