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sorry, but I have too brag about my fuel mileage....

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Over the last weekend, I took a trip to my sisters house too work on her truck some... (of course, it is a Chevy....) I live in the far northwest corner of Illinois (really close too Iowa & Wisconsin) and she lives just outside Springfield, IL. It is 244 miles, one way to her house. About half of the way, is 2 lane highway with a 55 MPH limit, the other half is interstate with a 70 MPH limit...

Going down to her house, I only got about 26 MPG, but I was bucking a pretty strong head wind the entire way... Now the return trip was a different story! The computer was saying a quite impressive 35.5 MPG! I filled my car when I left her house, and filled it again when I got to the town that I live in, and the actual MPG was exactly 33 MPG.... The shoebox ('21 ecosport, 1.0 titanium) If I remember correctly, EPA highway rating is 29 MPG... I had the cruise control set @ 75MPH on the interstate, and 62MPH on the 2 lane highways...

Nope... I am not complaining one bit....


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Wow! I have yet to achieve anything over 20.9 😂
18 mpg AWD maybe 🤔
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