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sorry, but I have too brag about my fuel mileage....

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Over the last weekend, I took a trip to my sisters house too work on her truck some... (of course, it is a Chevy....) I live in the far northwest corner of Illinois (really close too Iowa & Wisconsin) and she lives just outside Springfield, IL. It is 244 miles, one way to her house. About half of the way, is 2 lane highway with a 55 MPH limit, the other half is interstate with a 70 MPH limit...

Going down to her house, I only got about 26 MPG, but I was bucking a pretty strong head wind the entire way... Now the return trip was a different story! The computer was saying a quite impressive 35.5 MPG! I filled my car when I left her house, and filled it again when I got to the town that I live in, and the actual MPG was exactly 33 MPG.... The shoebox ('21 ecosport, 1.0 titanium) If I remember correctly, EPA highway rating is 29 MPG... I had the cruise control set @ 75MPH on the interstate, and 62MPH on the 2 lane highways...

Nope... I am not complaining one bit....


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lol...nothing wrong with bragging. That is impressive. I especially liked your picture for proof. Sometimes people just claim this or that and you just have to take their word for it.

I also liked your post because you are apparently from my neck of the woods...that being Illinois and driving to Springfield...just 30 miles from me.

Here is what I wonder. You talked about headwinds. I know from experience that a strong headwind will simply take more horsepower and therefore more fuel to overcome. One day driving on the highway, the headwind was so bad, my car's automatic transmission would actually downshift at times to cope with the higher gust. Clearly, that would have a negative effect on gas mileage.

Let's face it, our Eco Sport is not exactly streamed-lined. Eco Sports are small, but tall and will catch the wind no matter what direction it's coming from.

The fact that you got better gas mileage on your trip back just reinforces that.

Anyhow.... a good and interesting post.

As an afterthought, maybe I should plan my trips depending on wind speed and direction....lol
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