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Saying Hi, looking into a EcoSport

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Hello all. I am VERY interested in the Ecosport. I have been lurking all the forums for quite awhile and reading all reviews online. I know most are not that great - but they all come down to almost only two issues 1. MPG vs the competition, and 2. Side opening rear door.

I research like crazy before taking the plunge into a vehicle purchase and I love the looks of this car. However, I always have a few checkmarks that need to be hit before, and this car does it all. I wanted a 4-5 passenger vehicle, 25+ MPG, naturally aspirated engine, good turning radius, and capable of towing ~1500lbs.

I currently own a 2011 Ford Ranger regular cab and with a family on the way I want something else. Duratec engines are bulletproof IMO so I was immediately happy to hear it has the 2.0l duratec. In fact, it makes more HP (+23HP) over my Ranger. The AWD system literally just puts it over the top for me. This car with AWD and a 2000lbs towing capacity makes it the most practical CUV in the market. I dont understand why it gets such poor reviews almost exclusively based on MPG. The fact that is has a true 6 gear tranny and not a CVT makes it that much more capable IMO.

Anyways, I have been looking and keeping my eye out for deals for about 2 months now. I am not quite ready to purchase and will most likely be more serious buyer around Feb/March next year.

One thing that I find odd however, the MSRP on Ford and some at dealers can price this car out above $25k. But plenty of used ones with under 15k miles are selling for asking price around 15-17K. I have seen a Titanium 2.0l 4WD, 200A package going for $16k. How is the resale so obnoxiously low for a 1 year old vehicle? It concerns me a bit but I think its great if I can actually get the deal!

Let me know your thoughts please.
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MPG is about as best as it gets here. The trade off is its very affordable MSRP and reliability that actually seems to exist. So far no ES owners I know are complaining.
I get about 28 miles in the city. I have yet to go on the highway with it as of yet.
Yup, interesting. Although - I will say that the MSRP on these is pretty ridiculous, but I see so many being sold for under 22k.
I bought my 2018 new in 2019. Got a killer deal on it. You just have to ask and not play the sales game with them. Go in informed and you will walk away a winner.
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