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Running lights stay on long after I've left the vehichle

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Hi, I did a search but didn't find anything on lights.

My EcoSport (2018) running lights stay on long after I leave the vehicle, sometimes up to 10 minutes.
I've had neighbours call me that the lights are still on (good neighbours, eh?!).
The lights can still be on after I do a quick shop, which can be a few minutes.
How can I reduce that time?
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I'm not near any of our vehicles to check, but I think you can change that in the settings. Check your owners manual and if you can you should find it there.
I think I remember seeing a setting in one of the menus that you scroll through (using buttons on the steering wheel)
where there are a few different options for how long the lights stay on.
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Hi, thanks for the feedback. The manual says:

When the Autolamps have the headlamps and position/parklamps turned on, and the ignition is turned OFF, the headlamps and position/parklamps will remain on for an additional 20
seconds (the autolamp exit delay) or until the Autolamps are disabled.

20 seconds. Mine stay on much longer than that.
I went out and checked the setting, it says 20, but the lights still stay on much longer.
Found it

Somehow the setting under the steering wheel moved from automatic to headlights. I didn't move it, so it probably was bumped by my leg or jacket.

I spoke to a couple of Escape owners, apparently this is a common issue.

So remember - if your lights change and you didn't change them - check the lower left side of the steering wheel.
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