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Remote starter and heater options 2018 Titanium

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I'm having problems getting the warming features on our 2018 Titanium Ecosport (heater, steering wheel and seat heat) to activate when the remote starter is used. I've gone through the owner manual and setup several times and choosing auto or current settings doesn't turn it on? Prefer to resolve this before having to take it back to the dealership . Would like to get into a warm vehicle on these Yukon winter days.
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Best guess is there are still some extra settings hidden somewhere in the cluster menu. If you've already set everything to automatic and its still not heating properly there may be a software issue. I know sometimes these things are restricted by certain temperatures.
Thanks for the information. I'll see if there is any software updates I can install myself otherwise....back to the dealership.
Curious to hear what the fix is if you have to make a trip to the dealer. I think you may have to manually turn on your heated seats/steering wheel when turning off your vehicle the previous day.
Sometimes automakers leave weird tasks up to technicians to perform during the pre-delivery inspection (PDI), this might be one of them.
So as you can guess what i'll recommend, dealer is your first stop ;)
I haven't made it to the dealer since our weather has been hovering around -40 for the past week keeping the Ecosport in the garage not wanting to test its reliability at these temperatures.... just yet. Did however disconnect the battery for a few hours. Connected the battery and tried the remote start ,though there is no display, there is heat blowing, seat and steering wheel warms as it should? Maybe just a fluke that it rebooted the system? Think I'll wait on the dealership for now.
I heard that in some cases pulling the main fuse does the trick but being such a new vehicle I wouldn't go that far, instead, give it to the dealer.
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