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Remote start install

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We just picked up a 2018 Titanium last night, but it didn't have the remote start installed on it. I grew up working on cars and installing stereos, so I was thinking about just installing it on my own, or looking for an aftermarket kit to put on. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions or suggested kits? Thanks in advance!
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FYI you'll have to let the dealer install it to activate the system via the vehicles ECM/Computer. Not sure if independent shop's will be able to do it.
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I'd have a look at something like this. Its got a crazy amount of features for the money, though I don't know whats involved in the install. There are plug and play aftermarket kits as well. https://www.amazon.ca/Keyless-Remote-Starter-EcoSport-Explorer/dp/B01721JQK4
What's the difference between a remote starter that's installed, and using the Ford app to remote start your car?
The ford app has the remote start feature as well as lock and unlock your doors from your phone. Did they not go through this with you at the dealer????
Like Fieronews said, if you have a smartphone, you can use the Fordpass app to remote start. The SES and the Titanium models come with it as standard equip. Very easy to use and free, so might as well save yourself some money.
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Yes, the Fordpass app works well (I have a 2018 Ecosport SES). You can schedule a time for remote start (like 8am tomorrow morning). You can also lock/unlock doors, locate the vehicle, remotely check the tire pressure (each tire individually) and the gas level, etc. It's pretty cool. It's not really free - the vehicle comes with 5 yrs of fordpass service included. But after 5 years, I assume we'll need to pay a fee to continue the service. I have no idea what that fee will be.
You can only use the app to remote start if the vehicle came with Ford Connect (I think that's what it is called). Not every vehicle version comes with that ability. If it does, it is free for a time but eventually you'll have to pay a subscription fee. With Fordpass, you can start your vehicle from anywhere. With the Ford remote start you can't be very far from the vehicle for it to work.
Is there a way to remote start from your key fob? I have started the car from the app but it is kinda inconvenient to open an app every time you wanna remote start your car, at least if I am walking out the door to my house.....
They accounted in October that FordPass is now free for life!
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I plan on installing the Ford plug n play vehicle security system. It include basic remote starting form the key fob. Not sure it will with the push button start fob.

Vehicle Security System - Ford Perimeter Plus

Part No: KN1Z-19A361-A

SRP: $207.61

Get local pricing

Use your factory key fobs to arm and disarm, helps provide contents protection too

When there’s sufficient impact to the glass or a body panel, the 2-stage shock sensor determines whether to issue a warning chirp or full alarm
When activated by your Ford Dealer, the Basic Remote Start System is also included; start your vehicle from up to 300’ away
Parking lights remain on during remote start so you know the engine is idling
Run time and other features are easily programmed through the vehicle’s driver information center

I have a copy of the Ford install instructions. I am not sure I have the privileges yet to attach the document.
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I read that it is now free forever, not just for 5 years. Is this correct?
Hope it is, sounds like this feature is perfect for car security.
I read that it is now free forever, not just for 5 years. Is this correct?
I saw that somewhere too. I hope it's correct.
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