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Redesign rendered

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As the EcoSport continues to struggle for traction in the segment, someone has taken it upon themselves to propose a proper redesign. This look takes inspiration directly from the Escape, and I think it looks far more appealing than the current model. Ford will still have to make adjustments under the hood and in the cabin for it to properly compete with rivals.


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This is a huge improvement over the current design, and I hope that Ford's design team takes a similar approach. I'm also a little concerned what a redesign would mean for the for starting MSRP. The last thing this model needs is an increase to the entry price.
It looks like a product you would find selling in other markets around the world like India and China.
I think if they can do a mix of what the new Ford Edge has along with the Mach 1 SUV all fitted to this smaller platform, then the Escape can be a real winner.
The Ecosport has sold more than 50,000 units each year its been on the market, so I don't think its pricing has been much of an obstacle for buyers. I do think that its quirky styling may be working against though. Hopefully a redesign brings with it more cargo capacity.
I've got a 2017 Escape... I like the design of the 2018 Ecosport more than I care for the Escape. I actually don't like the looks of the Escape, I just bought it because I buy Fords and because it was the smallest SUV they were selling at the time and I wanted a small SUV.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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