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Hi Folks,
I drive a 2018 Ecosport with the Ecosboost engine. I was cleaning the engine bay recently and stumbled across a wire cut. Upon closer inspection, I could make out bite marks from rats. I drove the vehicle around and couldn't notice any issues with its normal functioning. I would be driving across cities this week and it would take me a while before I can visit a Ford Service centre. Although since I wish to know the severity of the issue, if there is. So that I can know if I can use the car for my week's travel.

The circled wire is the one which is cut. Its not an electrical wire, seems more like a rubber tube which leads to the metal circular cap like thing beside it. Hope the images are clear and informative enough.
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I couldn't figure out what part that is neither what its used for. Any help/advice with regards to this is greatly appreciated :) Thanks!
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