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Question re: Auto Start/Stop Function Indicator Light 2018 Ecosport

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Hey all!

I'm new here and just purchased a 2018 Ecosport a couple days ago. Quick question in regards to the auto start/stop function button- I know that if the system is turned on and in use a green indicator light on the instrument panel will light up. I thought however that the icon on the actual button itself also turned on and stayed on green to indicate that the function was turned on. I could have sworn that was the case but now I'm unsure 馃 Any help would be great! Thanks!
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Hmmm, your dash must be different than my '18 SE as I have no such light on the dash. The orange indicator light I see is on the switch itself. A notice appears momentarily on the dash to indicate that the autostop has been disabled, and that notice goes away after a few seconds.
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When the car stops at a red light or stop sign or.....there is a green light in the center cluster that comes on if the engine shuts off when auto start is enabled. If the engine restarts due to heat (summer/hvac) or other conditions, even if the brake pedal is pressed, the light goes off.
Ah, now I understand. My habit is to turn it off a soon as I start the car. I will leave it on next time and observe the dash to see what it shows!
OK, I drove the Ecosport yesterday and did not disable the auto shutoff, as is my habit. I can confirm that when the auostop shuts off the engine there is a green circle with an "A" that appears just below the engine temperature guage. When you take your foot off the brake, the engine restarts and the green light goes out. The button is not illuminated unless disabled, then it shows an orange circle with the A.
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