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Proven around the world in 140 Countries

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If there's any indication that we'll be getting a solid product, it might be safe to point to the fact it was proven in 140 countries around the world, and with 1.7 million of them in circulation since 2003, Ford had a lot of time to learn and perfect this product.
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How do you think the changes they need to make to make it able to be sold in North America will affect it ?
can't see why they need to make changes in order to sell them in the US. As long as it passes the US crash and emissions tests, it should be fine.
From what I've read, it may be undergoing more than that. They're bringing it with 3 different trim levels, and I'm thinking different equipment in terms of safety tech and what not.
Four trims will be making its way to the US; S, SE, SES and Titanium. No idea what each stands for besides Titanium. May s is for sport and it'll be the one with the 1.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost I-3.

Other changes may include an optional tow hitch because the states are big on towing.
I can't imagine attempting to tow anything on this thing. Maybe a bike rack.. Possibly one of those tiny hauler things but nothing beyond that.

A sport version could be interesting... optional aero kit ;)
At most, it'll be those tiny trailers that's barley bigger than those wagons for your kids. It should at the very least handle a bike rack and maybe two bikes. That doesn't weigh much, but it could cause problems for the rear view camera and sensors.
I'm pretty sure if you put the bike rack on the back, that rear camera is going to become useless, obviously on when there are bikes there. Not much for me to worry about though because I really don't rely on the backup cameras anyhow
I've found those 360 cameras to be handy when parking, but I can do the same without them after years of practice. Think they'll come standard with the Titanium trim? That one sounds like it could be the equivalent of luxury trim.
Do they have 360 cams on any of them in the other countries ? I was going through the Ford India site and the top model (Titanium+) doesn't even have a rear backup camera. Only rear backup sensors.
I checked the India site and it looks like it has the older EcoSport model instead of the 2018 model. Ford could have updated the trims to include more standard features like a rear view camera. The demographic they're targeting are into all the new tech, so if ford wants to appeal to them then they'll need to offer what's new in the industry.
The new EcoSport will be launched in India by January 2017, so their site should update to reflect the new model soon. And then hopefully, the North American Ford sites will follow.
Hopefully, then we can get a configurator and start seeing what we can come up with.
Another thing to do is stay on top of information coming from Ford USA and Ford Canada since both have Future Model pages that feature the EcoSport.

Along with that, follow them on social media for things that won't make it to the site..
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