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Possible for EcoSport to remember speed limiter setting?

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My previous car, a Peugeot 308 (2012), remembered my speed limiter speed that was last used each time I turned the car on, meaning I only have to press a button to enable the limiter and it be set to that speed.

With my Ford EcoSport (2019), it wipes the speed each time I turn the car off; meaning I have to press and hold the speed adjuster for a while until it reaches 50 or 70 before my work commute every morning (and evening, to come home) (takes about 5 seconds each time - just gets annoying each time).

Is there a way to make it remember the setting?
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When you say peed limiter, I assume you mean a maximum speed that you can drive. Some Fords have a "My key" setting that allows you to set limits for specific keys other than the one you set as master.
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