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PCV System error

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Been having a reoccurring issue with an error: "improper connection/installation of the engine crankcase hoses and sealing items". Pulled the sensor out and cleaned the sensor & hose, cleared the code. Issue returns. Bad sensor perhaps?
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I'm assuming you've checked all the hoses and they're fine. It may well be the sensor.
Check all the hoses for the intercooler, too. They can get loose over time.
although separate pieces, the hose/fittings and sensor are sold as a unit ($40), and yes, I checked the hose connections. Oddly enough, it is also suggested to make sure the filler cap I tight and the dipstick is seated properly:ROFLMAO:
I know that on my turbo car, there is a long tube with many bends and connectors that goes from the intake in front, back around the engine, then through the intercooler in the front, then back up into the engine. A slightly loose hose clamp somewhere along that crazy straw can flip a code.
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