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PCM (Powertrain Control Module) and TCM (Transmission Control Module)

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Good day

Please help me, I have a Ford EcoSport that has been parked for almost a year now.

I took the car to three centers and the diagnosis was the same:

1. P0700:00-28 Transmission Control System -MIL Request, Continuous Memory DTCs.
2. P07A3:00-68 Transmission Friction Element #A Stuck On.
3. P286F:00-68 Clutch #A Disengagement Time Performance/ Too Slow, Continuous Memory DTCs.

Initially, the errors were cleared, and the car was drivable for 2 weeks, but the problems started again.
I took it to a mechanic who changed the transmission oil, again it was drivable for 2 weeks or so.
I took it to Ford Centre where they rest the software and reprogrammed it only to start to give problems in less than 5 days.

Please assist with solutions, the car can move but start to jerk or struggle to brake at intersections, it is more like I apply brake without pressing a clutch even though it is an automatic gearbox.

I have attached diagnose reports.

Kind regards
Robert M


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You have serious electronic issues. I wish I had some advice, but fixing that will be outrageously expensive if you can't fix it yourself with salvaged parts.
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