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For a new compact SUV that'll suit my needs. I do like how the trunk door opens sideways on the current EcoSport and hopefully, Ford will have that for the new one too.

Also looking at the Jeep Renegade, but I've heard that it has a lot of problems. Mazda's CX-3 is nice too as is Honda's HR-V. Going to be a tough choice when there are so many options out there.
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The Mazda CX-3 (146hp) does have a bit more power than the HR-V (141 hp) and a lot more torque. But that snout just puts me off.

Are you looking more for design and practicality or its performance?
Ever checked out the C-HR ?

2.0L NA front-wheel drive. Unfortunately we aren't getting the AWD or turbo options in North America.
Ever checked out the C-HR ?

2.0L NA front-wheel drive. Unfortunately we aren't getting the AWD or turbo options in North America.
Baby steps, they also want to bring out a performance model but of course that won't happen right away.

Toyota, like any brand, will want to milk what lower trims can do before bringing out those other models.

But chances are 1 year out from launch AWD should release.
I think once the 1.2L Turbo comes out, if it does, it will be an ideal competitor in this segment.
Fuel economy is a big one and that powerplant in the CHR will help achieve it no doubt, the only downside if any is it feeling like power is lacking.

But this video is convincing that Toyota checked all the boxes
Thankfully with turbo setups they can be tuned to achieve wonders. I'm sure because they're so fuel efficient, they'll have a lot of potential to be squeezed out, enough of a buffer zone to gain some good power and keep it fuel efficient at the same time.
I heard the C-HR feels under powered, but you really won't know until you've test driven one. AWD would have been nice, especially when it starts to snow.
Everyones perception of underpowered is going to be different. It'll change as you test drive it now, and then it'll change when you start introducing people in it, then it'll change when you start loading up the rear and put people in it lol. You yourself have to feel it out and can't really take that from a review I guess.
In the end it will just come down to what's good enough for you, what you can live with and what won't take away from the experience.

Overall most people should be happy, otherwise I would really question their expectations walking into this, that's what i'll be really interested in.
That's another big issue.. people walk in and expect the world out of something that just isn't meant for certain things. It's stupid.
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