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Off-Road Package

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What I think Ford should offer with their new 2018 Ecosport is an off-road package like what the Renegade has with the trailhawk trim. I'm sure the demographic they're aiming for will be more than happy to pay a bit more for off-road suspension, skid plates, lift, etc.

I know I would. Thoughts?
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I agree with that. Especially if this is geared towards the younger crowd, they love things that make them stand out. The only thing is, they'll have to manufacture something that's affordable as well. Maybe some tow hooks, side steps, those kind of things.
I'd like to sit a bit higher with a set of off-road suspension, but if Ford does come out with a Off-Road package then it's most likely going to be small additions like the ones you've listed. Jeep is more known for their off road vehicles so I can see why they went the extra mile with the Renegade package.
Don't hope or expect an off-road package, if we get anything it will be minimal. First they need to establish sales with regular models before going that route. It's hard to justify these moves when your bringing out a completely new product.

Much unlike something like the Wrangler.
I'm hoping for one, but not expecting an off-road package. The most we'll probably see are better tires and that's pretty much it.
The EcoSport was designed to be driven on paved roads and if last gen's models is any indication, going off-road without some sort of modification or factory package won't get you anywhere.

The new EcoSport comes with Intelligent 4WD, which should handle tough trails a bit better than the older model's standard front-wheel drive.
The 4WD will be tons better than the FWD but you also gotta have the support behind it. Tires that are meant for the terrain you're going to tackle is where you should ultimately start.
Reality is very few people will change the tires, aside from winter tires. AWD is just their way to appeal to anyone. This is a global product so with that comes global features which AWD is surely one of. We're actually late adopters of the ES.
I doubt Ford will be offering any off-road package for the EcoSport. If you look at the next closest model in their lineup and options it comes with, that would be a good indicator for the Ecosport.
Well, it just wouldn't be anything along the lines of what Jeep would offer, instead it will be more visual based and less focused on function. They simply can't justify spending the hundreds of millions required to go that direction.

Always easier to fulfill the cosmetic side to it.
I definitely can't see them adding some sort of fox shock suspension system and all of that stuff. That would just be ridiculous and imagine what it would do to the price of the Ecosport.
The most you'll probably get is a set of tires more suited to dirt, but suspension upgrade territory is usually reserved for higher end models.
Yeah, and some tow hooks perhaps lol

That's essentially as far as it'll get.
anybody go from the 205 50 17 to a 205 60 17 ? would like a bit more cushion
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