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Now there is a recall and the Powertrain wrench has been coming on all weeked

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Less than 250 miles on the new EcoSport and I have had multiple tpms lights, now multiple "wrench " lights / powertrain fault lights and now as of today a recall on the vehicle.

I do not have time to take this thing to the dealership every week.
They better get the bugs worked out quickly.

My old car this replaced didn't give me one lick of trouble. Wife wanted a new car and this EcoSport is only a week old and is getting on my nerves. Wife is worried about driving it.

I'll take it to the dealership in the morning.


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Sucks to see this happening on a new vehicle especially on one that was sold elsewhere for many years already. Not a good look for Ford when they have a lot of competition.

Aside from that, how are you liking your EcoSport?
Not thrilled with it. Wife likes it but it is her first new car. 17 inch wheels with 50 series tires ride too harsh (I'm looking for a set of 16" wheels to run 60 or 65 series) and have to be set to 36psi. I think it cost too much ($28k) for what we got but again it is what the wife wanted. It's a Titanium but the passenger seat is not power! A Titanium but no remote start except for the Ford Pass cell phone app! Titanium but manual lumbar seat adjustment. My 2016 F150 XLT has power passenger seat, factory remote start integrated into the OEM fob and power lumbar adjustments.
I don't drive her EcoSport much at all (I love my F150) so that is what I've noticed the 2 times I've been in it since buying it 9 days ago.
Also those darn TPMS , Wrench light and now a recall.
Dropped the EcoSport off at the dealer at 10am today. The recall will fix the TPMS and Wrench light (bcm-body computer) needs to be reflashed/updated BUT they couldn't do the recall today. The new EcoSport, Expedition and Navigator use a new scantool software called FDRS (old software is IDS) and the FDRS is almost entirely internet/ web based. Well since this recall resulted in a stop sale / delivery hold / stop demonstration all dealerships are trying to perform the recall on all of their EcoSports in inventory or they can't sell them or allow them to be out on a test drive. So since this recall was released back on Friday all of the techs hitting the FDRS servers have created a bottle neck and now they can't download the new bcm calibration file. Suppose to take 20-30minutes tops to do the recall and I'm reading reports of techs trying for HOURS on the same car and still being unsuccessful. So the dealership called me at 3:30 and said they couldn't get the recall done.
They said to make an appointment for another day.

So ya... not thrilled about the EcoSport.
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Well hopefully all of your issues are addressed soon, as I know it can be extremely frustrating to spend so much time at the dealer with a brand new car. At least Ford seems to be trying to stay on top of the recalls, and by your next appointment they should be able to flash your ECU. TPMS have always been a pain, especially in the winter months. I try to avoid using them in my winter set ups.
Thanks for the heads up about the recall, haven't heard anything about it until now and it's a pain when they can't even perform what should be an easy fix...There's going to be a lot of unhappy customers.
Just worried about the potential problems these lights are indicating or if it's just the lights malfunctioning.
The fault will show if you use syncconnect to remote start or remote start with the key fob. It's not a real fault and fixed with programming.
I thought the recall was only on the 2019 EcoSport- at least in the press release that I saw. What is specifically the recall for? Whats the issue?
Our three Ecosports have been trouble free so far. One has a cracked windshield, but that's the way things go when they dump gravel on our roads in the winter time... It's inevitable that every once in a while a lemon will roll off the assembly line.
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