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New owner! I'm missing the owner's manual

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Ok, I am a new Ford Ecosport owner. I just took delivery today of a new 2019 Ford Ecosport Titanium FWD.
One question before I go complaining to the dealership.
Where is the owner's manual? I've looked in the obvious places, I can't find it.
Is it missing? Does Ford even print one? I've heard of plenty other car makers not offering one anymore. You either have order one extra or just download a digital version.

I just want to know if it's missing or if it doesn't normally come with one?

I'm one the few who will take time to read and learn the vehicle features. I drive high-mileage and do almost of my own maintenance. It contains some important information that I prefer to know.
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At my dealer the salesperson usually hands it to me while we're still in his office. Call your salesperson, they should be able to find it for you... it's probably someplace where they can reach.
You might also have luck in getting someone from Ford corporate mail it out to you.
Most people overlook that fact but Ford corporate aims to make you as happy as the dealer does in most cases.
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