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Hello I'm Ethan and from CO. I bought my 2018 Ecosport SES AWD a year and love it. I do have a couple of complaints about highway performance. I did come from a sporty 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT which I had modded. If anyone has any recommended mods for the ecosport let me know I've done LED high and low beams and Window tint to the car so far.

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I've heard of some places that sell hotter cams, etc., for the 2.0. I have no experience with it, though.
It's sad because there are lots of tunes for Ford turbos, but not our car. My Fiesta ST is a little rocket with a tune and a few intake mods.
You could try a chip, but I have no clue about those, either. GTE Stage 1 Performance Chip Review - Car Performance Chip Reviews
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