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Last weekend I had a window come up on the screen while the engine was off and radio was on ( done this many time and it would shut off and I would just push start twice to get the radio back) and its said shutting down to save battery. later I noticed passenger door would not unlock with hand or lock by touch, Found low batt would cause it in the F150 forum with a google search. Drove and put batt charger on still not working also a screen on the dash would say shutting down to save batt. BMS need reset. I found that here( BMS (Battery Monitoring System) Reset procedure) It worked. Then yesterday again off with radio on message came up again so I thought I would start and run it a bit , no go just clicking. I contacted Ford roadside and it would be 90 minutes or more so I called my daughter who lives a few miles from where I was. She came with a compact jump start battery she had but it had a low charge so she had cables , connected them correctly to her '17 Fusion and it started. But no power steering or dash lights . Dealer is only a mile a way so I muscled the steering wheel and got there. It was after service closed at 5 but there was a service writer there that made a order up and my salesmen ( 14 years now) was there I asked for a loaner but all were out.Most rental places were closed but he found one open and took me there. ( had a fairly new Kia Forte , not bad lots of leg room) Dealer called today and it was the battery , year old 6800 miles on the SES , on warranty. Stupid the phone app gives tire pressure, oil life, miles till empty nothing on the battery oh and no warning on the dash for battery.
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