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new 2018 ecosport se 1.0

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we are a retired couple who purchased a 2018 ecosport se 1.0 at the end of February 2019. overall pretty much satisfied, but a little disappointed with the mpg. we trim sure thatavel a lot so I am interested to see on a dedicated trip how well we do. we live in hilly east Tennessee so i'm sure that does not do any good for the mpg.
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Congrats on getting the EcoSport!

Are you tracking your MPG online on a site like fuelly? Would be interesting to see your fuel mileage stats displayed the way it is on that site.
I just got 300 miles out of my first tank of gas in city driving.
You can get great mpg's if you try. Check my sig. 2018 SE 1.0L FWD

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Is everyone using regular grade fuel or premium? Someone I know using premium seen worse mileage.
I am using regular fuel. I just got 29 mpg on my second tank of fuel.
We had two Ford Fiestas with that 1 liter engine. Just drove one of them from Fairbanks Alaska to Ft Gordon Georgia. Fuel mileage ranged from 42-49 mpg and averaged 45.something. They're good little engines.
Impressive mileage numbers that at least aren't met with engine problems that existed with some early EB engine's.
I actually get better mpg with premium and the car seems peppier, but I wonder if the $.50-60 premium is really worth it!
real mpg vs electronic mpg on dashboard

are all your mileage quotes from dividing miles vs gallons or are you taking the figure off the electronic mpg on the dashboard? I have found the evic is very generous, showing 2-4 mpg higher than the actual mpg figured manually.
yes we are using fuelly. we are averaging 31mpg overall having 7000 miles since the end of February. we have found the indicated mpg is very generous, 2-4mph over the manually figured mpg. still should be able to get 350 miles on a tankful which is fine for us.
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