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My EcoSport Titanium 2013 yr having engine oil consumption problem

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Dear ford team,

I broughted ford EcoSport Titanium model in Nov 2013 from Nagpur MH showroom. Now I m worryed about engine excess oil consumption.km done 78562.

I visited ford dealer In NAGPUR ,but they are saying that vehicle is not in warranty. So we can't take in warranty and give free replacement of engine.

I m asking one simple question, I am doing regular service in Authorized ford showroom only . Recently taken service pack for secure my car future. Engine excess oil consumption is manufacturing defect.

I would request to please acknowledge my genuine problem and replace my car engine in free of cost.

My contact no 7506388337.
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How much oil consumption have you noticed? Are you having to put quarts in on a regular basis? Let us know if someone from Ford reaches out to you with a solution for the issue.
You may want to contact Ford directly since it's an engine defect, so maybe it'll be covered outside of warranty.
At the very least it will open a case with corporate and thus have a higher level of accountability to the dealer servicing your vehicle.
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Eco Sport Engine Oil Comsumption

Dear team,

I have also experience the same problem. I used to service the vehicle with authorised dealership regularly for 10000 KM service.

I have been noticed the red oil indicator will intermediately glow and when report this during they will just say oil level is low and it will be ok when we refill.

After joining this forum and checked with some of my friends who those are having Eco sport and they also witnessed the same issue. One of my friend got engine replacement too.

Oil indicator glowing after 7000 KM after the regular service is a common phenomena or an issue with engine???
A bit of oil consumption is entirely normal, but you shouldn't be having to add quarts or anything between oil changes. Have you guys checked your levels on the stick when the light illuminates. Are your levels actually down?
Dear Zeke,

I never checked the levels in the Stick.

But after 10000 KM service the red illumination started glowing (intermediately) Once 7000 KM crossed.
My ecosport is also cosume excessive engine oil about one liter after 1000 km what is the solution please tell me
I don't think there is any sort of official solution and dealers are just going to imply that oil consumption is normal. You guys can try some engine oil additives or fuel system cleaners, but that's not going to get to the root of the problem.
My ecosport is also cosume excessive engine oil about one liter after 1000 km what is the solution please tell me
did u get any solution im facing the same situation
My 2020 ecosport se 4wd has started to experience this same issue . Just passed 10,000 miles and noticed a burning smell ... checked my oil the next morning and noticed it was down a whole quart. I just changed the oil at 8,000 miles at the Ford dealer ... hoping Ford finds the issue . If it’s not one thing it’s another with this car .
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did u get any solution im facing the same situation
Me too…diesel engine, 2018 model, 73000 km run
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