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More power?

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I bought my wife a '20 2.o Ecosport Titanium last year. It's a great "little" car, but I would love a little better performance. I put a K & N air filter in it and got a little better throttle response, but would like more. Anyone know of any other mods to get a little more go out of this engine?
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Fit a Focus RS engine! Now that would be fun. :D
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If you run it with a high quality, high octane premium fuel, you will get a little
bit better performance (& higher mpg).
Hi, I bought a cheap Tuning chip on Ebay (Dragon Works) that plugs into the diagnostic port. I think there are better ones, but it's the one i bought. It really made a difference. I did a road trip from Cleveland to Nashville. A lot of hills. I have a 2021 2.0 Titanium. Without the chip, in some spots i had my foot to the floor. With the chip, I didn't have to push it to the floor and it accelerated faster. It must override the factory programming. I also have a K&N Filter. In daily driving, i think it's more fun to drive with the booster chip... What amazes me is that the Ecosport is so much slower accelerating than my mom's 2016 2.0 liter Ford Focus. The EcoSport doesnt seem like a heavier vehicle. I'm taking it to Ford to diagnose and ask them to tune it better.
What do you mean by your last comment? Double of the one found in front? We are all discussing the 2.0 liter here....
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