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Looking at the ford ecosport

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I maybe considering the Ford ECOSPORT in 4wd (used), but have been told they cone in AWD as well. Any help is considered. Thanks for all the help.
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We've got three 2018 Ecosports with the 2 liter engine and AWD. They've been quite dependable so far...
rkrosnar - I believe the Ecosport is available only in 2 drive configurations - 2WD and AWD. For some reason (probably having to do with international marketing) the EcoSport is badged as "4WD" - but the drive system is really AWD. There is no ability to lock the drive wheels. The system functions as an AWD whereby the wheel traction/slippage is continously monitored, and when there is slippage detected in one or more of the wheels, power is automatically applied (via a limited slip differential) to the other wheels (and I think there is some braking applied as well automatically to any slipping wheels).

One of the cool features I love about my SES is that there is an instrument panel display mode which graphically shows you in real time the power that is being applied to each of the wheels, and you can watch it vary the power when a wheel slips.

So bottom line - the badging says 4WD but this is really an AWD vehicle.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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