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LED strip

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I've noticed when my wife drives by in her 2019 Titanium, the led strips under the headlights are not on. Only the lower fog lamps are on. When she puts the car in park the lower fog lamps turn off, leaving no front lights on. She puts the car in drive, and again only the lower fogs come on. The headlight switch is in the automatic position (furthest clockwise). This is during medium daylight conditions. Oddly enough with the car shut off in a lit garage, when I opened the passenger side door to get the owners manual out, the led strips do light for the 10 second interval. I'm curious when everyone else's led strips come on. I'm in Canada and I know we have different DRL laws, but whenever an escape drives past me, all that's on are their led strips. I see very few ecosports up my way, so I'm not sure what's normal.
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