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LA Auto Show - Ford Ecosport

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Here's a video of someone from Carbuzz giving details on the Ford Ecosport that was in the LA autoshow. The interior styling seems to be a blend of the Fiesta and Focus he says, but it looks very well finished as this is the Titanium trim. The USB ports are fast charging though which is great!

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Almost 30k for a top trim Ecosport sounds expensive, but then again that's Buick is doing with the Encore that's based on the Chevy Sonic.
I agree with his take on the ES' design. It might look bland in pictures but once you see it in person (from the front end especially) that's when you start to realize how special it is. It might not have crazy design like the Toyota CH-R or Nissan Juke, but being reserved like the well selling Kia Soul...its still a winner.
$30k for a top trim doesn't sound expensive to me at all. It's a given that when you want all the bells and whistles, the price will hike. The main thing is looking at the starting price and configuring from there within your means.
30k will net you most of the available options for the EcoSport so you won't need to add more accessories and bring the price up. What would be nice if Blind-Spot warning was available for the 2017 model year. With how many cars are offering it these days, you'd think Ford would add it to a car geared towards the more technologically aware generation.
Would be something good to include standard but meh.. I don't mind losing out on that one. Even if I had it, I would still be looking around constantly to ensure what's in my blindspots regardless.
Will Ford offer the features found in the EcoSport SE as additional options with the standard model? I just want the moonroof, heated seats, a six-way power driver’s seat, and leather-wrapped steering wheel.
That's a tough one, not too sure about the sunroof, but probably the seats and leather wrapped steering wheel under a drivers convenience package.
We can probably take a look at what Ford is offering with their other SUV models to see if they have the features you want listed individually or in packages.
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