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Key Features in the 2018 Ford EcoSport (U.S.)

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Available in S, SE, SES and Titanium, if sporty is what you want then look no further than the SES. Equipped with a 2.0-liter DOHC engine with the potential for 160 horsepower and 146 lb.ft of torque will ensure it drives and feels as fast as it looks. A copper interior trim, smoked headlights, and gray grille are just some of its unique sporty styling cues.

Amp up your EcoSport with a sport-tuned suspension, premium painted aluminum wheels, anodized copper interior highlights, sport seats and unique, bold black exterior details.
- Ford USA



Over the years Ford has worked to improve Sync, working out a lot of its woes and this time around it seems they hit it on the nail. A quick search of what Escape and Fiesta owners have to say will restore your faith in it. Better yet, watch the video below...

Available SYNC® 3, offered in both 6.5-inch and 8-inch color LCD touchscreens6, lets you swipe like a smartphone. Plus pinch-to-zoom capability on the 8-inch with Navigation System.
- Ford USA



Connectivity and convenience is the name of the game and this is one example that shows how much Ford understands this. USB smart charging ensures the right amount of power goes to each of your devices, even when charging multiple devices at the same time (smart phones, tablets, powerbanks, etc.).

EcoSport comes with two, fast charging USB ports, an available 110-volt outlet and two 12-volt outlets to help keep you charged up and connected at all times.
- Ford USA


Improvements made to Sync 3 combined with the seamlessness (see video below) of using either Apple Car Play or Android Auto will go a long way to improve your experience. Much like the features mentioned above, see what Escape and Fiesta owners are reporting so you know what things good and bad you can expect.

The cornerstone of EcoSport technology is available SYNC® 3 with compatible Apple CarPlay™ 4 and Android Auto™5 . Its enhanced voice-recognition capability makes it incredibly simple and smart to use. You can operate the touchscreen like your smartphone, with swipe capability and pinch to zoom with optional 8-inch touchscreen and Navigation System. EcoSport also offers available SYNC Connect3 with FordPass™.
- Ford USA



Long gone are the days when entry-level compacts are boring, limited in features and are only good to get you from A to B. The 2018+ EcoSport is a good example of how far we have come. Although we don't know all the details yet, surely we'll be surprised at what comes standard, for now here's some of what you can expect:

EcoSport Titanium features include 17-inch aluminum wheels, rain-sensing wipers, heated exterior mirrors, heated, leather-trimmed front seats, B&O Play HD audio, plus 8-inch color touchscreen, SYNC Connect3, ambient lighting and auto-dimming interior mirrors.
- Ford USA


This is one feature you will have to pay more for, however the EcoSport reportedly doesn't have poor visibility unlike many new SUV's, CUV's and Crossovers on the market today. Just keep in mind experience will vary from one person to another.

Available BLIS with cross-traffic alert has sensors that help you watch your blind spots and alert you by illuminating a light in your sideview mirror if another vehicle is detected in your blind spot. While you’re backing slowly out of a parking spot, it watches for approaching traffic and can alert you if it senses another vehicle.
- Ford USA


Flat folding rear seats will be 4 very important words if you value cargo space. Combine that with the cargo management system and rear hatch that swings open instead of up, and you possibly the best in segment cargo space. Skip to 4:05 in the video below to see it all for yourself

Plenty of room behind the rear seats. Fold them down and get even more. Create personal storage solutions with the Cargo Management System featuring a cargo net, cargo organizer and standard three different cargo floor load positions, including a flat load floor.
- Ford USA



S and SE models get the 1.0L EcoBoost powerplant with the option of an automatic and manual transmission. Although power output seems sufficient on paper, there have been reports that in the EcoSport it can feel sluggish, much unlike the Fiesta which gets zero complaints.

EcoSport is powered by a turbocharged 1.0L EcoBoost engine with direct injection, packing a lot of power into a lightweight package. Combine that with confident Ford capability and you’ve got a vehicle that’s ready, willing and able when you are.
- Ford USA
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I like that the swing gate has a huge indent which means you could potentially stuff a bit more things in the cargo area. Just wonder how soft that plastic is in relation to scratches.
It's definitely not scratch proof but it will be made of hard plastic so the odd bump up against your bags or suitcases shouldn't do much to it. Didn't really look at the door indent until you mentioned it and that's a smart move on ford's end. Most of the time, from what I've seen, that area is flat and maybe they'll add in those net pockets but that's it.
Too bad you need to get the flat cargo floor to have a flat surface once the seats are down. Otherwise, you'll have a large height difference between the normal cargo area and the lowered seats.
Is the cross-traffic alert always on automatically or is it just when you have your blinkers on? Would get annoying every time a car passes me or someone decides to hang around my blind spot all day.
It'll probably be as scratch resistant as the rest of the interior plastics of the cabin. The composition doesn't look that different, but most plastics can generally take a beating from whatever you throw back there anyways. You'll probably have to stab it with something pointy in order to cut a deep scratch in there, otherwise its just going to be small scratches here and there.

Hopefully an affordable tune will help with the EcoSport's claimed sluggish feel. I'm guessing it's more due to throttle lag than anything.
I can't see them using a different plastic just for the rear swing gate for sure. Everything from door panels to kick panel plastics should be the same. I typically have tools carried around or something of the sort so I just have to pack things properly or have a net installed to keep things from flying into the panels.

Tunes are typically the same general pricing though. It'll cost somewhere between 600-750ish for a tuning box where you can utilize OTS tunes. Going to a tuner will of course be more money however.
Throttle lag is one thing but it's a small motor in a decently sized body so it only makes sense that it's sluggish. A tune would give it a a bit more pep in it's step to get it going though along with removing that throttle lag completely. You can also curve the powerband differently to give it more from the bottom end.
You'll only get so much performance out of a 1.0L EcoBoost engine that's producing 123 horsepower. Best you can do is tune it for a bit more power and have most of it delivered at low RPMs, generally what you see at cruising speeds on the highway so it's more usable to you.
I wouldn't count it out just yet. I have some faith for it. Add on some bolt on upgrades and I think it has some real potential. Honda is coming out with a 1.0L turbo engine too for their civics. Would be interesting to see what people do with these.
The new EcoSport has debuted in China and their version comes with a 174 hp 2.0 liter petrol engine. why is NA only getting 160 horsepower?
That's weird... I know they're a lot stricter on emission standards (at least I'm pretty sure) which would mean they would get the same if not less hp than we do potentially, so that's a different one
That's really weird. I typically thought NA got the higher hp variants typically. Especially with Chinas high emission standards and all of that, I would have thought it to be the other way around
As far as I know, NA doesn't have more stringent emissions restrictions compared to China and there's definitely a market for performance vehicles. Is NA getting a 2.0 liter petrol engine option as well? At least owners will know that they can tune it to 174 hp.
I bet if we look at other cars in this segment we might see the 160hp version has an MPG number that better rivals what the American market has. Last I checked China wasn't nearly as competitive.
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