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Issue with 2019 EcoSport wipers not making windscreen clear

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I have a 2019 EcoSport, which I had from new.

Since I first got it, when it rains, on the 'upstroke' of the wipers, the water is removed and the windscreen is clear to see through but on the way back down, it 'blurs' the glass.

This is an issue, as most of the time (i.e. during low amounts of rain), it's down more than it is up.

It's a little bit dangerous.

Any idea what could be causing it?
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Clean the wiper blades or replace them. I replace mine every 2 years. Also check the wiper sits perpendicular to the windscreen.
My previous Mondeo had a juddering wiper and the arm was twisted, straightened it and the juddering stopped.
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In addition to replacing the wiper blades (with some high-quality blades), try treating your windshield with Rain-X
glass treatment. I do this on a regular basis with my 2018 EcoSport SES and have no issues with blurring.
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Yes Rain-x is great and Rain-x windshield washer fulid
I use a clean paper towel on my wiper blades every couple of weeks and that seems to keep them good, also going with the bosch or rainx wiperblades even though they are a little more expensive, they are worth it. and rainx is amazing too.
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