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Is anyone having problems with 2019 ecosport

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Hi, I have been having problems with dash saying ...brake applied power reduced....I noticed my muffler was burnt in the center....I have less than 5000 miles on it. When driving down the road my gas peddle would have no power on it .nothing it was gasping for air....I took it back and the dealer said nothing was wrong with it....Then I was driving and my back up camera came on while doing 40 mph..then my radio screemed for a command and then the radio area start to change colors...I took it back to the dealer and now they say the brand new muffler is clogged and i'm missing all of my codes from ford.......I'm still waiting for my vehicle to came back from the dealer.PLEASE CHECK UNDER THE BACK AND SEE IF YOUR MUFFLER IS BURNT.......thanks paul
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I have another problem of getting striking followed by some rattle sound from front right side as soon as my vehicle hits to sudden rough surface. .. I am having 2019 titanium + petrol
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