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How Cheap is Gas Near You?

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It's been unbelievable how much gas prices have been dropping because of the Coronavirus. I was reading this morning that the national average price for gas is $2.15 per gallon!

How low are you seeing gas prices in your area? I've seen prices around $1.70-$1.80.
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Before the quarantine I haven't went out of the house for a gasoline since I had it full tank. If that's the case then I shouldn't done that..was too scared that they would increase the price.
$1.799 a gallon is our lowest so far. Should be below a dollar now...
Here in Mexico the price per gallon has been in the US$4-$4.50 per gallon this past year.

But currently (thanks to both the drop in oil markets and the rise in US$ versus the Mexican Peso)
we are paying US$2-$3 per gallon - the cheapest it's been here in many many years...

I was actually thinking about trading in my Ecosport for the new 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in
hybrid (when it comes out this summer) but with gas prices this cheap, there is little incentive
to spend thousands of $ on a new vehicle to save a few hundred $ per year in gas. Plus - I
actually really like my little EcoSport. Easy to park, reliable, fun to drive, comfortable, etc.
$2.099 today
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