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I purchased a new 2018 Ford EcoSport SE - 4WD in July of 2018. I'm just now joining because I finally got the car back from the dealer after it was damaged in a minor accident (some body parts and one headlight) within a few days I bought the car (176 miles on it). Dealer fixed it to it's original condition though. The good thing that came out of the accident is the SE model's OEM Chrome trim headlight housings were/are on back order, so they put in the Sport model's housings with the Black trim. I think it looks much better since the car itself is painted "Smoke Metallic" (dark grey). Side note: Who comes up with these color names?

A bit about me:
In the past, I've had an absolutely horrible streak of shyster mechanics so now I do all my own work. If I don't know how to do something, I learn how to from manuals or forums such as this, and if I can't find the answers there, I turn to just trying to figure it out myself (time permitting of course).

Anyway, I'm glad to be finally joining y'all and I hope to be able to help out where I can!
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Welcome to the forum, LoneStar. Things aren't real busy on this forum yet, but I 'spect it'll get better with time as we see more U.S. Ecosport owners looking for a forum.
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Welcome to the community sir. Sorry to hear that its already been involved in an accident but it sounds like you came out ahead. Planning on making any aftermarket tweaks?
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Planned Aftermarket Tweaks

Yeah, I have a couple in mind Zeke. The ones I have in mind are for functionality and aesthetic purposes.

The first thing I am doing is changing as much of the lighting (Driving, Fog, Backup, License plate, interior dome lights, etc) to LED since it is the most affordable. So far, I've gotten the Low & High beams replaced with 6000K LED lights (I chose that color since it's the same light color as the signature lights). With new lights, I already have absolutely outstanding visibility compared to the stock Halogens. This past weekend, I finally figured out how to get to the fog lights and I just got the correct size LED bulbs in today. I will be updating my thread in the Electronics, Audio, and Lighting section with a step by step walkthrough on how to replace the fog lights after I am done for future users and anyone else who needs help with it. Hopefully, if I make walkthroughs for the work I do on my car, it will draw more EcoSport owners to the forum and increase the number of members to which they will share their knowledge about problems they have had as well.

But I digress, I am also planning on changing the wheel rims to either the black Ford rims or just straight black rims since I think it'll look better with the dark grey paint (plus, I just find the stock rims to be kinda ugly), and, as a bit of an audiophile, I would actually like be able to hear the true sub-bass and bass notes a bit better than what the stock speakers provide (which is practically inaudible). I don't think I'll replace the stock speakers because their quality is surprisingly high for everything above what I believe to be ~200-250 Hz. So I will be looking at maybe making an addition of a moderately-sized subwoofer between 8-12" behind the back seats (still toying with different ideas on how to go about it). Now, I know that sounds like I want a crazy bass and I'll be one of those hooligans who drive around with their music blaring, but I want to put that thought to rest right away. I, call me a geek if you want, enjoy listening to cinematic scores at times, and I just want to be able to at least hear the full range of notes as it was intended.

After the LED lights, the two other mods will have to be future mods as I still need to save up the money to buy some quality rims/equipment. That's it for the mods so far. I actually quite enjoy driving the car and I haven't really found anything else yet that I don't like or just can't stand. Maybe I just haven't driven the car enough yet (~800 mi so far) to figure out what else I may want to mod.
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If you're up for it, the used market often has lots of wheels to choose from, sometimes you get lucky and strike high end wheels for a great deal.
If you're up for it, the used market often has lots of wheels to choose from, sometimes you get lucky and strike high end wheels for a great deal.
That's a good idea, I'll have to look into it.
Just do your research to know what you're getting into, learning the nuances and certain things to look out for. Once that's done you're well positioned for a great buy.
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