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Hello from Illinois

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I actually purchased my ecosport (aka "the shoebox") back in March.... I drive 200 miles a night hauling newspapers, and I will say this, the car does it very well! 2021 Titanium 1.0... bought in March 2022 with 200 miles on it, and has almost 25K miles on it already on Aug. 21st of 2022...
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Welcome! That car will last a long time with frequent oil changes. The 1.0 is a tough little motor. Not real fast, but what do you expect? I think this car is underrated.
Perfect! The engine has a turbo and a wet timing belt. 5000k with good synthetic is perfect. I posted this a few days ago. I found it interesting.
1.0 Eco Boost explained
yeah, I seen the video... interesting stuff... Ford recommends replacing the timing belt @ 150K miles. I did find a video of a timing belt replacement in a 1.0 in a fiesta, and it looks like one hell of a job... I am a damn good mechanic, but I don't think it is something that I will tackle...
They recommend the same thing for my Fiesta ST. If I still have it at that point (I probably will. I love that car), I'll need to find someone who can do the job.
Honestly, I think it would be easiest too pull the motor out and replace the belt with the engine on a stand vs in the car. That timing belt cover will be a pain too get sealed with the engine in the car I think.
The nice thing is that the engine is quite compact and not that heavy. It wouldn't be hard to remove, compared to many others.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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