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Hello from Fort Frances, Ontario area

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I just bought my 2020 Ecosport Titanium on December 1st 2020. I straight out bought it and got the extended warranty and maintenance package, plus roadside assistant. I also bought another set of rims and winter studded tires for it. Plus i got the undercoating as well (because of all the salt used on our highways in winter). I was able to do it this way because I went five years with any vehicle.
I'm having a few minor issues with it. Interior light goes off and on intermittently. Also the driver side window doesn't always work. Ford is looking at that this Friday.
Overall its a good vehicle. Highway travel is great. City and town is also good. Bush roads it handles amazingly well. It goes through deep snow really well if need be. Gas mileage is great on it. It brakes great at highway speeds (almost hit a moose last week). I like this vehicle better than either of my Rangers and my focus. So far it seems to be a great vehicle.
I've already put 5,000 kilometers on it (just over 3,100 miles).
I'm happy with it.
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I just purchased a slightly used 2019 Ecosport Titanium and just a week into owning it is in a shop for bad brakes and locking up radio. Hopefully this gets better quickly!
I was impressed with mine. Not so happy with it now. I'm having a ton of issues. Front brake is grinding, I have a loose rear end (it wanders on the highway), I have a clunking on both sides when I hit a bump in the road or make sharper turns in town. Driver side window, driver side interior light and passenger side heating vent work when they want to. When I highway drive it seems like there's a bent rim or a hubble in the tire.
Its going to ford to be fixed and once that's done I'm going to trade it in on something else.
Thats way to many issues for a brand new car that only had a little over 100kms on it.
I have a bumper to bumper warranty to 100,000 miles. My dealer service knows me and will have to fix as much as necessary. I already had front brake rotors replaced.
Its always good to get as much warranty as you can.

I have the whole deal with warranty and maintenance but I'm tired of bringing my brand new car in for issues. I shouldn't have to worry about a thing. Was one hundred kilometers on it when I bought it.
I am actually sitting at Ford as we talk. It really sucks because I know that the value on my car dropped the second I drove it off the lot. I would have had less issues buying a ten yr old vehicle.
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