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I just purchased a 2019 Ecosport SE 3 weeks ago. At this point in time, I couldn't be happier. I traded a car with a blue book value of $3,000 and wrote a check for $18,000. Perhaps if I went to a big city dealership I could have done better, but I wanted to stay local.

I have a few minor quibbles about the car, but they are just that....minor.

I have read and watched many video reviews, and to be honest, most of them were about right.

The thing is, none of the negative things were deal-breakers. They talk about engine power and gas mileage. Yep, those are cons, still, I think both these shortcomings are overblown.

What I do like is this car feels very solid. Everything from the sound of the door closing to the complete lack of squeaks or rattles. There are none.

I'm a recent retiree. All I want is decent transportation and reliability. When it comes to reliability, I think all here will be interested in this...

Before I bought the car, I kept looking at Consumer reports. Even though I had a subscription to it, it had no information on the Ecosport. Apparently, since it was only introduced to the USA in 2018, they did not have enough information one way or the other.

Well in my last issue, they did have some information. It wasn't a full-blown issue on car reliability, but it had some very interesting conclusions.

They listed car brands by reliability. Ford was #16. But guess what, within each brand, the listed the most reliable and least reliable. Ecosport was Ford's most reliable at an 89 score. That's easily in the top 10%.

I guess you can take that with a grain of salt, but it made me feel good.
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I'm glad you like your Ecosport, tom cat. We have three 2018 Ecosports in the family and so far they've all been problem free. I don't personally believe that Consumer Report's review of vehicles reflects reality. I do like to see what they say about appliances, but not vehicles... I just think there is a lot of bias there, and the way they collect information from Consumers is pretty shoddy. I know, I often complete reviews that they send me once or twice a year and they're just not very well done.
Adding to the above commentary regarding the reviews out there on the 2018 EcoSport - I have read/watched quite a few of them, and yes they are generally negative. But many/most of the negative factors cited just don't apply to me. Cramped rear seat leg room? I rarely have passengers in the rear seats. Inadequate power? My SES has the 2.0 (not the turbo 3 cylinder) and has plenty of power. Swinging tail-gate (versus a liftup) issues? Not for me - I like the swinging gate and have yet to have the issue where I've been "boxed in" by another car and couldn't open it. Etc.

And some of the reviews cited some really arcane things as negatives. For example, one you-tube channel reviewer complained about the cloth/leather seats because he had a white cat and "THE CLOTH ATTRACTED A LOT OF CAT HAIR"! WTF? Or another one where the reviewer complained about the front seat headrests being uncomfortable - and this was because they were too stupid to understand the awesome feature where the headrests will ratchet into multiple positions (then reset upon reaching the final ratchet position). Etc. And how about the reviews where they don't understand why there is a multi-position floor board in the cargo area? One reviewer said it's for storage underneath. Actually, it's to enable having a continuous flat floor between the cargo area and the rear sear seat area (when the rear seats are folded down), and it's a useful feature.

Despite all the negative reviews, I bought my 2018 EcoSport SES (obviously) in May 2019. I got a killer deal on it: MSRP was $29K and (after rebates and discounts) I paid $17,100 (plus taxes and license fees). And the price included lots of extras like a FordPass subscription for 5 years (this is the service where you can remotely locate your vehicle; check tire pressure; schedule auto-starts; lock/unlock doors; etc), Sirius radio subscription for 6 months; free WiFi modem (AT&T) for 3 months; etc. And by signing up for FordPass I received 42,000 Reward Points, which pays my scheduled maintenance for 3 years. Needless to say, my experience thus far with my EcoSport has been great. I'm really satisfied with my purchase.

My only complaint about the vehicle right now is with the issues surrounding the ability to have it wired for pulling a trailer. As numerous other threads on this forum have documented - Ford lied about the vehicle being "pre-wired" for a trailer. And Ford is not offering an easy/reasonable solution to have an Ecosport wired by/at the dealers. Perhaps they will address this in the near future?
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I couldn't agree with you more when it comes to reviews. The thing's the list as cons or more in the eye of the beholder rather than some terrible thing.

It's funny when you read the comments under any given youtube review. With very few exceptions, the actual people that own one....love it.

This is with tongue in cheek....but it is true..."THE CLOTH ATTRACTED A LOT OF CAT HAIR"! WTF? "

I have a cat and just for the fun of it, I let him explore my new car....lol....bad idea....he did leave many cat hairs. I have to admit, that's a brand new con as to why you shouldn't buy a car. Frankly, that's hilarious to put something like that in a review.
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Have had my 2018 since September 2019. It was the show room demo model with less that 1800 KMs...at a reduced price (with winter packger!). Getting used to Automatic took some time, so I can identify with the "feet" issues....where does that left foot go? LOL. Anyway, it works well and all the people I carpool around enjoy the ride too.
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