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Future engines to come from Mahindra

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It looks like Ford will be establishing a partnership with Mahindra to provide engines for the next generation EcoSport. Specifically they will be utilizing the turbocharged petrol motor that's currently being used in the Mahindra S201. This should be the perfect replacement for the current 1.0l 3 cylinder as it puts out a bit more power, which is around 140bph. https://www.cartoq.com/ford-ecosport-to-get-mahindra-s201-compact-suvs-petrol-engine/
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Interesting. Our 3 Ecosports in the family are all 2018 models with the 2 liter engine. We had two Fiestas with the 1.0 liter engine that spec'd at 123 HP, if I remember correctly. I thought it was a good engine but I didn't think it was a good engine to have during our winter months when we have pretty severe arctic temps. While we didn't have problems with it, we also only kept those vehicles for about 4 years. The roughness inherent in an engine with an odd number of cylinders had me thinking that things were a lot more likely to break. You could really feel it when starting them up when the temps were -10 deg F and colder.

I found this article on the same topic when searching the web:

Petrol engine of Mahindra S201 to be used in Ford C-SUV - Report

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If it means a more powerful entry level option then I'm all for it. Never been a fan of their 3 cylinder 1.0 and its really held back the capabilities of the EcoSport. The turbocharged engine should drastically improve its performance off the line.
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One thing that wasn't really clear was if this change was also happening for NA models. I know recently the Tata Nexon has actually eclipsed the Ecosport in India in terms of sales, so this might be a market specific strategy to be a stronger competitor.
If it means they can free up more production money and resources to build a stronger products and better focus on other priority areas, then i'm all for it.
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