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Fordpass App remote start

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I am having a problem with my fordpass remote start. I was able to remote start from the APP 2 times but now it will not start and tells me that the vehicle has to be driven after 2 remote starts. I drive the car everyday with the key fob inside. I have unistalled and reinstalled the APP. Performed the master reset on the SYNC 3 just as a last resort. Updated the software as well in the vehicle. I have taken to the dealer and they were no help! Told it is a "cloud" issue and no way to reset the fault. I still have a year left on the warranty and saw someone with a similar problem had their in car modem replaced. I am able to lock and unlock the doors thru the APP still so it does communicate... I am at a loss of other things to try. Any help is appreciated

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I've had the same issue. The Ford Guide people said the modem needs to be replaced, the dealers always pretend they have no idea what you are talking about. Guide told me to take it in, then call them and have them talk to the service rep. My guess is it is a known issue and is annoying for the dealer to deal with it so they try to avoid it.
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