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Ford Reveals A Revised EcoSport At Frankfurt

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This may not the first time we’ve seen the new ford Ecosport, recall the LA Motor Show last year, but it is the first time we’re seeing the European model at the Frankfurt auto show.

Not much seems to be different compared to the US Spec model; still the same large grille replacing the split one, new fog lamps, Mustang inspired headlights, daytime LED running lights, and an updated rear bumper and taillights. Even the remodeled interior seems to have remained the same; Fiesta derived switchgear and fittings, higher quality materials, new seats, adjustable boot floor, and a few parts borrowed from the new supermini.

Being identical is fine, especially when Ford is offering Europe the EcoSport ST-Line, a trim featuring an aggressive bumper, side skirts and a set of 17-inch alloy wheels.

Those looking to purchase one can choose from three powertrains in various stages of tune including a two 1.5-litre diesel engines and a turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine offering 99bhp, 123bhp or 138bhp.

Though pricing has not been released, Autoexpress expects to see it sell for slightly more than the outgoing EcoSport model when ordering books open in Europe later this year.
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I don't think anything has really been revised even though they claim that it's euro spec. It's probably just a way to gather more attention to the EcoSport. When I saw that it was revised, I was expecting more changes to have been made.
Perhaps small changes on paper were made and not necessarily on the exterior, perhaps slightly better fuel economy or a sound deadening exhaust system to meet local regulations.
I actually don't like the fact they got the same front end as us and I like to think that's what they're thinking as well.
The following front end for Europe-only was a better play:

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With it being a model so cheap, the easiest thing to do is keep it the same regardless of market aside from small things like color options. Overall there's no much to see here, which I sort of like.
Same with the India launch, they call it "facelifted" in comparison to the older generation and not to other countries' specs. At most, various markets will get different optional features, but the basic car should be the same.
I guess in a way that's good because come time to get parts it will be much cheaper for us than it is for someone else in the segment that bought from another car maker. Hopefully that proves to be true, what do you think?
The Europe only sketch has a nicer set of headlights, gives the EcoSport a more premium look but that would most likely raise the price as well and that's something they can't do if the car is to be affordable to younger buyers.
That being the case I guess some of the more obvious changes will be with colors, wheels, and that whole suite of exterior stuff that often get changed from market to market. Give it a few months and that should prove to be true.
This might be Fords way to save themselves money since they know at the end of the day buyers just want a cheap car from a car maker they trust. Being Ford and offering this product is enough face value for someone to buy in.
starting to think that they're keeping it very simple and more of a global product than what we're used to, smart move because they know no matter what people will still buy, after all its one of the cheapest cars you can buy.
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