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Ford India adds a new variant to the Ecosport

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Just recently Ford India has added a new variant to the Ford Ecosport. The 1.5 litre petrol engine can now be combined with a six speed manual gearbox. As a result the new Titanium Plus is now the top of the line offering from Ford's stable. The petrol manual variant has been priced at Rs 10.47lac, but there's been no mention of a US model.
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Its going to be tough for them to justify that move in North America due to the fact that CUV's are still somewhat new. Maybe in a couple years after initial launch we'll see it show up. Even other Ford models don't have a plus version.
I highly doubt that it will come to the U.S, because I don't think there's much interest in a range topping Ecosport here. Most interested buyers are simply looking for an affordable commuter vehicle. Interesting choice by Ford to put the Plus trim on this model. It must be popular in India.
It's more that manual gear-shifting is a dying art and there's not reason for them to offer it in a country where people either don't know how or don't want to use a manual gearbox. I'm guessing this configuration with the 1.5 liter is more popular in India.
It looks like dealers over in India are also offering some steep incentives for pre face lifted models of the Ecosport. There are a lot of features missing from that older molder though, as the redesigned model saw many different changes/upgrades. Anyone know if there similar incentives being offered here in the U.S?
India means a lot for Ford and even Mahindra since they're planning to co-develop cars together. As economies grow so do markets and India is one of them.
The Ecosport is an incredibly popular model over there, and it doesn't take much searching to come across some pretty incredible builds. Personally I really this one deemed 'Angry'. Does anyone know if there's the same level of customization options here in the U.S?
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