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Ford EcoSport Bolt Pattern

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From what I've been searching up, the EUDM Ford Ecosport has had a bolt pattern of 4x108. Which has me already thinking about aftermarket wheels considering I really don't like the ones that are being shown in pictures.

The SAM also has the same bolt pattern so I don't see this as something that will be changing.

The 2016 model specs are:

Bolt Pattern - 4x108
Center Bore - 63.3mm
Lug Size - M12 x 1.5
Rim Size - 16x6 +38 OR 15x6 +38
Stock Tire Size - 205/60R16 OR 205/65R15

What do you guys think? Will you be keeping the stock wheels or changing them up and using the stockers for winter time?
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Assuming the Ecosport comes with standard all season tires or summer tires, I'd be getting an extra set of wheels and tires just for the winter months for increased traction. The bolt pattern you found would help me start the shopping process for a new set of wheels. Not yet for tires as those are pretty easy to find.
Thankfully the Ecosport should have tons of room in and around the wheel well areas so now that we have the bolt pattern, lug size, and center bore, we can search for wheels that'll fit. I'll be keeping the oem wheels for winter time and buying an aftermarket set for summer. Just because I would like to have wider wheels on here and in the summer that would provide benefits opposed to the opposite in winter.
I thought minus sizing helps to optimize winter performance? So smaller diameter wheels with narrower, higher profile tires is supposed to help.
The 16’’ standard Alloy Wheels are smaller in diameter than the optional 17" ones. So it would make sense to save those rims for the winter and get a proper set of snow shoes for them. Then get a larger set for the summer.
Yep, standard tires (if they remain the same) will be a 205 section with a nice bit of meat on them which I'll use for winter.

The summers I'll be looking at will be 17" with maybe 225-235 section widths and maybe a 40 aspect ratio (profile)
Are those the dimensions of the optional 17" wheels that Ford is offering with the EcoSport? If they aren't would they fit?
Those are definitely not the dimensions they're offering but I doubt they're would be clearance issues for it. Not that drastic of an upsize at all. Height I'm pretty positive will clear, width, it should lol, worst case scenario a small slip-on spacer.
There's almost never a reason why a wheel made for a specific trim of the same model won't fit another. Unless of course you're looking at a basemodel Porsche 911 and wondering if those will fit on a 911 GT3 that has center locking wheels.

Now if we were talking aftermarket that would be a different story, sometimes you have to get a spacer.
Definitely talking about aftermarket wheels. But was referencing that the specs I listed are not optional 17" specs. We don't even know if there will be optional 17".
We'll have to wait for the configurator to go live since right now there's nothing out for Canada or USA. Although 17's might be sold elsewhere, still the chance we might not get it. But this being North America...odds are we will, just need that confirmation
If North America is getting the EcoSport, it makes sense for Ford to sell the future iterations of it too.
Once sales work well for it in North America, then they have no reason not to sell future iterations of it. All depends on if the model will survive down here.
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